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Q: What is the minimum price range for the stocks that you alert for? A: Our alerts are generally for stocks below $10.00, including options and swing trades for small to large cap stocks.

Q: How do you determine the strategies for option trades? A: We offer different strategies for option trades based on your goals and risk tolerance.

Q: What is the time range for your penny stock trade alerts? A: Our penny stock trade alerts are sent from premarket to the end of the market, with the majority of alerts coming in the first hour of the bell.

Q: Can you guarantee profits with your penny stock alerts? A: While we strive to find the best and hottest penny stocks with potential for 100-200% gains, there are no guarantees in trading. We take advantage of market volatility and provide alerts with reason to help you make informed decisions.

Q: Do you provide educational resources for penny stock trading? A: Yes, we offer one-on-one lessons and detailed explanations of our process for every chart. We want to help guide your trading journey and prevent blind trading.

Q: What types of questions can I ask during the one-on-one lessons? A: You can ask any questions related to penny stock trading, including choosing the right broker and indicators.

Q: What scanning tools do you provide access to? A: Our highly custom settings and the TRADE IDEAS scanner platform provide access to the hottest penny stocks to trade.

Q: Is there a penalty for canceling my subscription? A: No, you can easily cancel your subscription anytime without any penalty or fees.

General FAQ Q and A:

Q: What is swing trading? A: Swing trading is a short-term trading strategy that aims to profit from price movements within a few days to a few weeks.

Q: What is day trading? A: Day trading is a short-term trading strategy where traders buy and sell stocks within the same trading day.

Q: What are penny stocks? A: Penny stocks are low-priced stocks, usually trading under $5 per share.

Q: What is technical analysis? A: Technical analysis is the study of stock price movements using charts and indicators to identify patterns and predict future price movements.

Q: What is fundamental analysis? A: Fundamental analysis is the study of a company's financial and economic data to determine the intrinsic value of a stock.

Q: What are stock alerts? A: Stock alerts are notifications sent to traders about potential trading opportunities based on various criteria such as price movements and technical indicators.

Q: What are stock picks? A: Stock picks are stocks that traders believe have the potential to provide high returns on investment.

Q: What are stock scanners? A: Stock scanners are tools used by traders to find potential trading opportunities based on specific criteria such as price movements and volume.

Q: What are trading strategies? A: Trading strategies are plans that traders use to make profitable trades based on specific rules and criteria.

Q: What is risk management? A: Risk management is the process of identifying and minimizing potential losses in trading by assessing and prioritizing risks.

Q: What is stock brokerage? A: Stock brokerage is the business of buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients.

Q: What is stock investing? A: Stock investing is the practice of buying stocks with the goal of long-term capital appreciation and dividends.

Q: What is a stock portfolio? A: A stock portfolio is a collection of stocks held by an individual or entity.

Q: What is stock market news? A: Stock market news is information about the stock market such as earnings reports, economic data, and company news that can impact stock prices.

Q: What is market analysis? A: Market analysis is the study of the stock market and its trends to make informed investment decisions.

Q: What are market trends? A: Market trends are the general direction of the stock market over a period of time.

Q: What is market volatility? A: Market volatility refers to the degree of price fluctuations in the stock market.

Q: What is stock charting? A: Stock charting is the analysis of stock price movements using charts to identify trends and patterns.

Q: What is stock trading software? A: Stock trading software is computer software used by traders to analyze market data and execute trades.

Q: What is online trading? A: Online trading is the process of buying and selling stocks using an internet-based trading platform.

Q: What is trading education? A: Trading education is the process of learning about the stock market and trading strategies through various resources such as books, courses, and online tutorials.